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Please Ready my F&q's Carefully

  • How long do the sessions typically take?
    My timeframes are very generous and I usually wrap earlier because I am able to shoot quickly. I suggest blocking out 1 hour for your shoot but don’t be surprised if we wrap early.
  • Why do I have to pay a deposit?
    The purpose of the deposit is to lock in your date + time. If you cancel last minute, I most likely would have been able to book someone else during that period. Deposits are non refundable if a booking is canclled which is not at my fault. I do not write anything down in my calendar until the deposit has been paid, making your desired time slot up for grabs. Nothing is booked until the deposit has been paid.
  • What happens if I pay my invoice late?
    A £50.00 fee will be added to final invoices that remain unpaid up to, and including 7 days after the due date. A further £50.00 fee will be added if the final invoice remains unpaid 14 days after the due date.
  • Can I bring a friend to be my hype-person?
    We love a hype mate. Yes, bring a friend, parent, spouse! Whoever can cheer you on + whatever will make you feel more comfortable, go for it!
  • Can I have the unedited versions or raw files?
    No. I don’t provide the .RAW files to clients for two main reasons. The .RAW images are files that are straight from my camera & untouched. At the .RAW state the images are not edited and they don't represent my photography or videography quite yet. Think of a painting, I’ve only prepped the canvas in this stage. It also takes special software I’ve purchased to convert them into an image so that you can view it on your screen. This process is long for me and the file sizes are massive. The action of converting these files is part of what you paid for with my services. Your work is done after we wrap the shoot & all you have to do is download the final result.
  • What happens if it rains?
    If the weather is crazy/I am sick/etc, we will put your deposit toward a re-schedule. However, if you simply don’t show up to the session, the deposit will not be refunded. If you have booked a portrait, couple, or blogger session [this does not include elopements, weddings, or commercial work] and need to reschedule your session, your deposit can be put toward a re-schedule as long as I am notified within 14 days of your session. I get it— life happens. However, if you need to cancel and do not want to re-schedule, your deposit is not refunded. Sorry!
  • How + when will I receive the files?
    You will receive the edited images within 2 weeks of your session. You will receive all of the files via Portals, which is an easy + free email service. You then forward them to your friends + family, and post them online! Download links do expire after a few days, so be sure to download your images asap! Make sure to save + back up your images.
  • What if we don’t want the images used on your social media, website, or anywhere online?"
    Please make it clear to me in your initial contact email if this is the case and let me know the reason. The sole way I market my photography services (and how you found me!) is the internet and I rely on sharing my photography to bring in customers. Therefore, I do have a fee if this is something you want to be waived. please inquire.
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